The Adventures Of Borgia & Bacchus

by Gunz Borgia

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This is a lyrical exercise. Each track represents a new episode of the Adventures of Bacchus & Borgia


released June 6, 2016

Thank you Kannibal, After Touch beats, Skid Premise, Dj Tee, Jon Moore



all rights reserved


Gunz Borgia New York, New York

Gunz Borgia is an up and coming Hip Hop artist. Inspired by artists such as LL Cool J, Rakim, Nas, Biggie Smalls, Jay z, Raekwon, Ghostface, and Big Pun just to name a few. Borgia grew up listening to what most consider the golden age of Hip hop. When lyrics mattered and the bar was set at an all time high. His work ethic and lyrical style reflects that era, with over 300 songs recorded. ... more

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Track Name: CaRsWeLL (Produced by Aftertouch)
You wake up every morning
You Just tryna get your shit straight
Baked up every morning
Dreaming that you're bill gates
Grip reality
No credit and your bills late
Tell your girl you don't got the rent she'll have a field day
That's it, she's leaving you for trill trey
But she's pregnant with your baby
Man, that wasn't yours anyway
Damn homie
They'll always be better days
You ain't got shit but 20 dollars
Guess it's a henny day
Eating eminems on that j line like a renegade
Thats when me & bac fly In tryna save the day.
You know the bank on 2-6-6 broadway?
See, a few weeks ago I met shorty down the hallway
I was walking Bacchus sipping OJ
She asked if she can pet him and we started to talk
She fell in love with Bacchus at the park
One think g led to another
I had to make her back arch
That's where the plot starts

To make a long story short
She works at the bank
Said her boss got no heart
He tried to fuck
She told that pussy take a walk
Now We got the key to the vault
All we need is one more man and it's on
remember to think smart
Or we'll be waiting for your momma in the dark
Yank her out the car
The moment she parks
Just in case you feel the need to narc
Last thing you'll ever hear is my Bacchus Bark
Right before he tear your ass apart
I ain't one of them dumb suckas that get caught
When they find a body in the trunk with ligature marks
There's no finger prints on paws
And they ain't matching the dental to Bacchus lock jaw
So let's not let it get that far
Or you wit it or nah?
I know you ain't tryna starve
I saw you eyeing that new Saab
And don't worry bout your x
All this money will get you a new broad
You'll make more money In One night than 80 hours with two jobs
You wit it or nah?

See, we got two minutes
to go in and out
If you don't see us in 120 seconds
You gotta dig us out
Run up in that bitch with your pistols out
Then we running out the back like they kicked us out
We got the van waiting
New plates confiscating
We already picked out a parking lot
This ones vacant
Man, we just going over the plans
Why your bones shaking?
Do you wanna get buried in my moms basement?
I thought you was real
Stop playing
I know where your momma lives
Don't make me get foul, flagrant
Plus you know you want this bread, save it
That's enough of this subject
It's time to Change it.
Let's think about
all this paper we making
Tomorrow is the big day
There's No rearranging
If security gets brave
We'll leave his brains hanging
We got the police uniforms in the other whip waiting
I left out we only got one ticket to Spain, he ain't gonna make it
Track Name: QuIcK 2 tHe PaPeR! (Produced by Dj Tee)
Put the money in the trunk
Bac the Feds coming
Led dumping
Hit buzzin in leg, stomach
Open the van door
And watched him plummet
Tumbled down off the steepest summit
It's Gunz & bacchus
Photos on cnn
Chased by the choppers
Only trust my dog
The rest of you are Beyoncés, Riannas
Singing like the operas
The other was the red herring
Only put him on Cuz the Feds staring
We gassed homie to run up in the bank with them thangs flaring
Louder than this smoke boxed whip
music blaring
The moment we get up in parking lot we change whips
We can't be caught in the same rags same kicks
Put on this uniforms with a badge & night sticks
you see,
Me & bacci go back
Like a dooby wrap
Don't forget the pack by the Scooby snacks
This is it bacchus
No looking back
Yea I'm talking to my dog
What you looking at?

Quick! To the paper!
You take the one to the left
I'll take the guard with the taper
All the witnesses blindfolded & taped up
Dynamite blow the safe up
Just to get our cake up
Bacchus got his weight up
We take a trip to Jamaica
Watching cricket
While Chris Gayle hits
Fat blunts we passing um
Any body sniff us out
We blasting um
Maximum damage
Then we off to Spain
Bacchus working on his Spanish
Fresh sardine sam'itch
Whole plate of paella
That's when I saw eyes creeping over the news paper
I pictured the whole scene on the news later
Cafe con leche flying
No witnesses bac
Everybody dying
And our aim is spectacular
With iron
And bacchus as high as I am
Pigeon feathers everywhere
Covered the whole sky and
We disappear like the Mayans
Anybody think the recognize us from the TV?
They getting pressed like a panini
Just another adventure of Borgia & Bacchus
Believe me
Track Name: BrEwIn' In ThE sTeW (Produced by Aftertouch)
Brewing in the stew
With my son bacci doo
Like pollo guisdo
Bac pass me another Brew,
How many L's? Prolly 2
Whole bottle of meteus
These mad villains never loose
Fresh up out the tomb
Straight out the dungeons of rap
Like this was 92'
Sad chil'ren barely bruise
Bad woman daily news
we Rollin the dice of life
Daddy need a new pair a shoes
Severed limbs
Chased by seven ghouls

300 and 50 songs deep
I feel I paid my dues
You bring the rain?
I'm breaking rules
I'm bout to sick bacchus on you April fools
I got Bacchus on my back like we
Luke and yoda
Back flipping in the choppa
Landing in Madrid
I want 50 plates of tapas
pitchers of sangria and a shot of vodka
Aint nothing taboo
Bacchus in an all white suit
Looking like tattoo
Hashtag FACTS
Hashtag TRUE
Flights to Chilean wine country
In my summer suit
And you know my bacci doo is coming too
One two
Is this thing on
Cooling like free-on
wavy like a sea storm
We getting popping like the peace gone
Getting our Baltimore streets on
Free styling with my fathers ring on
Trekking the stars
Rapping in clingon
got something we both agree on
I'm One of the best ever
You just a pee on
You claim you at the top but your seat wrong
I'll jump out a 757 land on the other end of your see saw
Get your weight up you need to eat more
I'm uncooked , pure
even my beats raw.

On the beach Riding horse back
Dropped a short stack
Get off my ball sack
Dancing like Kanye
We all that
You can't afford that
Now you at the mall taking it all back
You live by the sword you die by the sword
where ya sword at?
I thought so....
This shit comes natural
You gotta force that
You don't wanna cross path
I toss raps out my Trojan horse mask
Mastered my craft
Don't ever ever make me black on your ass
A bastard for laughs
Make the crowd laugh at your past
You starving for air take the bong out the oxygen mask
My consonants constantly travel continents fast
You faker than jenners lips
And Nikki's collagen ass
I'll hop in a cab
Tell him drop me off at your pad
so I can smack your mother in the face with this genuine draft
Track Name: MiNe YoUr OwN bUsInEsS (Produced by Jon Moore)
I'm storming through
Smacking hella kids
I'm bringer aerosol sprayers, breakers, all the elements
Hip hop in my skeleton
With my gun in the air
Acting celibate
"(I don't give a fuck!!!)"
Left hand middle finger stuck
Right hand finger on the trigger
Bout to press your luck
Look mom no hands
Holding up a blunt
MAKIN buku bucks
Off bacchus doing tricks
Getting youtube Subs
Dirty comments like
Your musics trashes
And your youtube sucks
You talking shit
While bacchus getting his nuts licked
He ain't worried
you don't want none
Riding shot gun
With a shot gun
Eating OX tail and popcorn
Paws covered in hot sauce
Looking at bacchus like roll the pot dog
Behind the wheel trying not to nod off
Bacchus got the munchies
hamburger hill
That ain't siagon
Bacon and cheese shooting everywhere fries on
The windshield
till he crashed
multi car pile on.
Hoping out the window
For his bone covered in nylon
Any one of you weak emcees we gonna style on

Fuck you
Eat a bag of dicks
I'm on my Kurt Russell shit
cuz My flow real crisp like bagel chips
Not one to cash & tango wit
This is escape from New York
Strip your bangles quick
Shouts to fizz and filo
Tryna graff my ego
They gonna need the whole east coast
Don't come knocking on my door
We ain't equal
I'll blow your calcified third eye
Through the peep hole
You ain't gonna live to see the sequel
Scorpio used to be the eagle
I mastered the Pythagorean theorem
My flows lethal
Bacchus got the Rip (Logan) tatted for a couple c notes
He got bitches Smuggling a couple kelos
Right in they pussy
They been working on their kegles
I'm so wavy word to my pea coat
Ask Cito
Only ask for favors at my daughters wedding
I ain't got no daughter
That makes me el padrino
Track Name: BlAcK CadDy (Produced by Aftertouch)
That's Bacchus riding passenger
Riding by getting getting high
While we laugh at cha
You're corny
Jordans and fatigues
No army
You ain't a veteran
Don't ignore me
No war report
Like you never heard Capone and nore
that's another story
I'm 10 minutes past crazy
That's 7:40
That means I missed my meds
Bacchus don't shit the bed
Rocks in my glass
Pistols filled with led
Bacchus in the kitchen cooking bacon eggs
You should see him cheffin
No oppposable thumbs
The shits impressive
His favorite meal?
He play by a different set of rules
he rolls a blunt
but he prefers edibles
Cannibutter in his kibble
Laying on the floor
A couple bitches in the middle
Licking on his balls
making it his like it ain't yours
Don't come to the crib uninvited
Unless you wanna shit your draws
face to face with the lock jaw
keep a couple pounds in the sock draw
I throw Bac a hail marry
Get my Pac on
No eye contact when you see us
Se acabo
We go together like the beatnuts
He puts his paw on my shoulder when he sees sluts
He handsome too
So he know he getting each one
My dog is know up in these streets son
Cross my path
My blue nose going beast
we taking bread
I'm talking each crumb
Then I'm hiding the body
Before police come
Chilling in the mystery
till Keith come
I know He got a whole ounce of keiff uh
Scrappy doo we call him sammy tuna
One hundred and 20 pound pit bull with the shooters
u victim going hard on computers
internet thugs a bunch a losers
they never messed with movers
sukiyaki hot saki sue'ters
Last dragon but I ain't kissing no converse
And if it ain't about the money I don't converse
Plus I'm Too nice for unpaid concerts
I'm on loud and I popped perks
Multiplied by 100
Do that math
You trash I do work
Don't get your feelings hurt
You stepping on Borgia & Bacchus turf
I clock your moves early
Kinda like binoculars work
Don't get blood on your skirt
You Hit the breaks
You skiiirt
Crashed into our war path
6 feet in the dirt
Sick, beat and you nurf
Aka you soft and you don't deserve that
Don't act like you never heard that

You never asked for this like taking back a nasty bitch
For happiness
Point black precision
But more accurate
Don't know the half of it
Throwing blood on bac' fur
Like an activist
Talking shit now you a pacifist
Track Name: MeTaL n' KiDz (Produced by Aftertouch)
The coast is clear yoo
No more hiding
Too much ego
I'm a real emcee
Rhyming in a speedo
Aye, Que freo
Thy don't get my metaphors
It's not like speaking in creole
Brewing in the stew
Magnetized the mic like magnito
Perfect marriage like Katrina and El Niño
Bacchus Gunz and boom bap
The ill trio
Tuck your chain
You fear debo
I ain't doing you no favors
We ain't people
Picture me bending over backwards
I ain't neo
Got the revolver
the good bad and the ugly
And I never bust too early
I perfected keegals
We ain't equals
I'm a block buster
Your a straight to Netflix sequel
Heavy on the gas
You ain't switching gears though
A real Weirdo
If I punched you in the stomach
You'd probably dart out a dildo
While Bacchus rolling that 4,5,6
It's all good mobb
Read the graffiti on the wall
Art by fiz & filo
Heart colder then sub zero
You'll be dipped in oil and set a blaze
I'm on my emperor Nero
Extra taziki sauce no
tomatoes on my gyro
I'm tryna eat though
Kiss my culito
Your sons hero
I spit crack
Verbs fly like birds
If you understand a kilo
In other words
My lyrics flock to his ear hole
Track Name: BeDlUm In ThE bIg CiTy (Produced by Skid Premise)
Bacchus and I?
we only target criminals
Keep the hardest Doap dealers on their tippy toes
Artists? Nope, killers when we gripping chrome
Artists? Yup, whip when the weapons drawn
That ain't wiz that's our ace in the hole
We send her out to Wall Street
You thought she's loving you?
She was getting keys cut
So we Can break in there home
Kick down your door
That 45 setting the tone
Throw that 6 plus in corner
Bacchus piss on your phone
Take a hand fully of Rollie's or whatever you own
Thought she was in love
You was catching feelings alone
And if you ever catching on you catching one in the dome
Cuz the rich get richer
While the poor stay poor
Settling the score
Breaking the law
While you're driving
Give me your PIN number and card
Lock you in the trunk
And we gone
wearing your cardboard face at the bank with your mom

And when you think it's over
Then We back at um
Shooting down the alley with the black magnum
My dog by my side
Bacchus my co assassin
He gets the dope in action
Your plugs a has been
I remember when he had more snow than aspen
Now he on the ground gasping
Bacchus sound like mutely when he's laughing
One shot pushed his head back just like He popped an aspirin
No funeral no Hurst
They'll never find his body
Like miss Durst
I'm dump the body
Bac get rid of the blood stained skirt
The building is cursed
The feelings get worse
Feels like you gonna melt in the earth
Bacchus slipped acid in your milk
Took the belt and your turf
And don't worry bout your wife
We handle that chapi all day
You think she's loyal?
You ain't got no insurance
Call Allstate
Fuck what your broad say
She takes 4 dicks at the same time
calls it four play
Then you try and fuck and it's like throwing a hotdog down a hallway
Yea that pussy cooked
Been over sautéed
She play games
Man your cribs an arcade
Captain save a hoe
Rocking the wrong cape
She just wanted her name on your estate
How you think we got in here in the first place?!