BrEwIn' In ThE sTeW (Produced by Aftertouch)

from by Gunz Borgia

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After a daring escape, Borgia & Bacchus head to the studio hide out until things cool off.


Brewing in the stew
With my son bacci doo
Like pollo guisdo
Bac pass me another Brew,
How many L's? Prolly 2
Whole bottle of meteus
These mad villains never loose
Fresh up out the tomb
Straight out the dungeons of rap
Like this was 92'
Sad chil'ren barely bruise
Bad woman daily news
we Rollin the dice of life
Daddy need a new pair a shoes
Severed limbs
Chased by seven ghouls

300 and 50 songs deep
I feel I paid my dues
You bring the rain?
I'm breaking rules
I'm bout to sick bacchus on you April fools
I got Bacchus on my back like we
Luke and yoda
Back flipping in the choppa
Landing in Madrid
I want 50 plates of tapas
pitchers of sangria and a shot of vodka
Aint nothing taboo
Bacchus in an all white suit
Looking like tattoo
Hashtag FACTS
Hashtag TRUE
Flights to Chilean wine country
In my summer suit
And you know my bacci doo is coming too
One two
Is this thing on
Cooling like free-on
wavy like a sea storm
We getting popping like the peace gone
Getting our Baltimore streets on
Free styling with my fathers ring on
Trekking the stars
Rapping in clingon
got something we both agree on
I'm One of the best ever
You just a pee on
You claim you at the top but your seat wrong
I'll jump out a 757 land on the other end of your see saw
Get your weight up you need to eat more
I'm uncooked , pure
even my beats raw.

On the beach Riding horse back
Dropped a short stack
Get off my ball sack
Dancing like Kanye
We all that
You can't afford that
Now you at the mall taking it all back
You live by the sword you die by the sword
where ya sword at?
I thought so....
This shit comes natural
You gotta force that
You don't wanna cross path
I toss raps out my Trojan horse mask
Mastered my craft
Don't ever ever make me black on your ass
A bastard for laughs
Make the crowd laugh at your past
You starving for air take the bong out the oxygen mask
My consonants constantly travel continents fast
You faker than jenners lips
And Nikki's collagen ass
I'll hop in a cab
Tell him drop me off at your pad
so I can smack your mother in the face with this genuine draft


from The Adventures Of Borgia & Bacchus, released June 6, 2016



all rights reserved


Gunz Borgia New York, New York

Gunz Borgia is an up and coming Hip Hop artist. Inspired by artists such as LL Cool J, Rakim, Nas, Biggie Smalls, Jay z, Raekwon, Ghostface, and Big Pun just to name a few. Borgia grew up listening to what most consider the golden age of Hip hop. When lyrics mattered and the bar was set at an all time high. His work ethic and lyrical style reflects that era, with over 300 songs recorded. ... more

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