CaRsWeLL (Produced by Aftertouch)

from by Gunz Borgia

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Down on his luck, Carswell gets an unlikely visit from two strangers with a life changing proposition.


You wake up every morning
You Just tryna get your shit straight
Baked up every morning
Dreaming that you're bill gates
Grip reality
No credit and your bills late
Tell your girl you don't got the rent she'll have a field day
That's it, she's leaving you for trill trey
But she's pregnant with your baby
Man, that wasn't yours anyway
Damn homie
They'll always be better days
You ain't got shit but 20 dollars
Guess it's a henny day
Eating eminems on that j line like a renegade
Thats when me & bac fly In tryna save the day.
You know the bank on 2-6-6 broadway?
See, a few weeks ago I met shorty down the hallway
I was walking Bacchus sipping OJ
She asked if she can pet him and we started to talk
She fell in love with Bacchus at the park
One think g led to another
I had to make her back arch
That's where the plot starts

To make a long story short
She works at the bank
Said her boss got no heart
He tried to fuck
She told that pussy take a walk
Now We got the key to the vault
All we need is one more man and it's on
remember to think smart
Or we'll be waiting for your momma in the dark
Yank her out the car
The moment she parks
Just in case you feel the need to narc
Last thing you'll ever hear is my Bacchus Bark
Right before he tear your ass apart
I ain't one of them dumb suckas that get caught
When they find a body in the trunk with ligature marks
There's no finger prints on paws
And they ain't matching the dental to Bacchus lock jaw
So let's not let it get that far
Or you wit it or nah?
I know you ain't tryna starve
I saw you eyeing that new Saab
And don't worry bout your x
All this money will get you a new broad
You'll make more money In One night than 80 hours with two jobs
You wit it or nah?

See, we got two minutes
to go in and out
If you don't see us in 120 seconds
You gotta dig us out
Run up in that bitch with your pistols out
Then we running out the back like they kicked us out
We got the van waiting
New plates confiscating
We already picked out a parking lot
This ones vacant
Man, we just going over the plans
Why your bones shaking?
Do you wanna get buried in my moms basement?
I thought you was real
Stop playing
I know where your momma lives
Don't make me get foul, flagrant
Plus you know you want this bread, save it
That's enough of this subject
It's time to Change it.
Let's think about
all this paper we making
Tomorrow is the big day
There's No rearranging
If security gets brave
We'll leave his brains hanging
We got the police uniforms in the other whip waiting
I left out we only got one ticket to Spain, he ain't gonna make it


from The Adventures Of Borgia & Bacchus, released June 6, 2016
Gunz Borgia, AfterTouch beats



all rights reserved


Gunz Borgia New York, New York

Gunz Borgia is an up and coming Hip Hop artist. Inspired by artists such as LL Cool J, Rakim, Nas, Biggie Smalls, Jay z, Raekwon, Ghostface, and Big Pun just to name a few. Borgia grew up listening to what most consider the golden age of Hip hop. When lyrics mattered and the bar was set at an all time high. His work ethic and lyrical style reflects that era, with over 300 songs recorded. ... more

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