BeDlUm In ThE bIg CiTy (Produced by Skid Premise)

from by Gunz Borgia

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As the last part of their plan unfolds, their newly acquired private plane is waiting.


Bacchus and I?
we only target criminals
Keep the hardest Doap dealers on their tippy toes
Artists? Nope, killers when we gripping chrome
Artists? Yup, whip when the weapons drawn
That ain't wiz that's our ace in the hole
We send her out to Wall Street
You thought she's loving you?
She was getting keys cut
So we Can break in there home
Kick down your door
That 45 setting the tone
Throw that 6 plus in corner
Bacchus piss on your phone
Take a hand fully of Rollie's or whatever you own
Thought she was in love
You was catching feelings alone
And if you ever catching on you catching one in the dome
Cuz the rich get richer
While the poor stay poor
Settling the score
Breaking the law
While you're driving
Give me your PIN number and card
Lock you in the trunk
And we gone
wearing your cardboard face at the bank with your mom

And when you think it's over
Then We back at um
Shooting down the alley with the black magnum
My dog by my side
Bacchus my co assassin
He gets the dope in action
Your plugs a has been
I remember when he had more snow than aspen
Now he on the ground gasping
Bacchus sound like mutely when he's laughing
One shot pushed his head back just like He popped an aspirin
No funeral no Hurst
They'll never find his body
Like miss Durst
I'm dump the body
Bac get rid of the blood stained skirt
The building is cursed
The feelings get worse
Feels like you gonna melt in the earth
Bacchus slipped acid in your milk
Took the belt and your turf
And don't worry bout your wife
We handle that chapi all day
You think she's loyal?
You ain't got no insurance
Call Allstate
Fuck what your broad say
She takes 4 dicks at the same time
calls it four play
Then you try and fuck and it's like throwing a hotdog down a hallway
Yea that pussy cooked
Been over sautéed
She play games
Man your cribs an arcade
Captain save a hoe
Rocking the wrong cape
She just wanted her name on your estate
How you think we got in here in the first place?!


from The Adventures Of Borgia & Bacchus, released June 6, 2016



all rights reserved


Gunz Borgia New York, New York

Gunz Borgia is an up and coming Hip Hop artist. Inspired by artists such as LL Cool J, Rakim, Nas, Biggie Smalls, Jay z, Raekwon, Ghostface, and Big Pun just to name a few. Borgia grew up listening to what most consider the golden age of Hip hop. When lyrics mattered and the bar was set at an all time high. His work ethic and lyrical style reflects that era, with over 300 songs recorded. ... more

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