BlAcK CadDy (Produced by Aftertouch)

from by Gunz Borgia

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After a heated fight and rap battle, Borgia & Bacchus take a cruise in their Black Caddy back to their secret hide out.


That's Bacchus riding passenger
Riding by getting getting high
While we laugh at cha
You're corny
Jordans and fatigues
No army
You ain't a veteran
Don't ignore me
No war report
Like you never heard Capone and nore
that's another story
I'm 10 minutes past crazy
That's 7:40
That means I missed my meds
Bacchus don't shit the bed
Rocks in my glass
Pistols filled with led
Bacchus in the kitchen cooking bacon eggs
You should see him cheffin
No oppposable thumbs
The shits impressive
His favorite meal?
He play by a different set of rules
he rolls a blunt
but he prefers edibles
Cannibutter in his kibble
Laying on the floor
A couple bitches in the middle
Licking on his balls
making it his like it ain't yours
Don't come to the crib uninvited
Unless you wanna shit your draws
face to face with the lock jaw
keep a couple pounds in the sock draw
I throw Bac a hail marry
Get my Pac on
No eye contact when you see us
Se acabo
We go together like the beatnuts
He puts his paw on my shoulder when he sees sluts
He handsome too
So he know he getting each one
My dog is know up in these streets son
Cross my path
My blue nose going beast
we taking bread
I'm talking each crumb
Then I'm hiding the body
Before police come
Chilling in the mystery
till Keith come
I know He got a whole ounce of keiff uh
Scrappy doo we call him sammy tuna
One hundred and 20 pound pit bull with the shooters
u victim going hard on computers
internet thugs a bunch a losers
they never messed with movers
sukiyaki hot saki sue'ters
Last dragon but I ain't kissing no converse
And if it ain't about the money I don't converse
Plus I'm Too nice for unpaid concerts
I'm on loud and I popped perks
Multiplied by 100
Do that math
You trash I do work
Don't get your feelings hurt
You stepping on Borgia & Bacchus turf
I clock your moves early
Kinda like binoculars work
Don't get blood on your skirt
You Hit the breaks
You skiiirt
Crashed into our war path
6 feet in the dirt
Sick, beat and you nurf
Aka you soft and you don't deserve that
Don't act like you never heard that

You never asked for this like taking back a nasty bitch
For happiness
Point black precision
But more accurate
Don't know the half of it
Throwing blood on bac' fur
Like an activist
Talking shit now you a pacifist


from The Adventures Of Borgia & Bacchus, released June 6, 2016



all rights reserved


Gunz Borgia New York, New York

Gunz Borgia is an up and coming Hip Hop artist. Inspired by artists such as LL Cool J, Rakim, Nas, Biggie Smalls, Jay z, Raekwon, Ghostface, and Big Pun just to name a few. Borgia grew up listening to what most consider the golden age of Hip hop. When lyrics mattered and the bar was set at an all time high. His work ethic and lyrical style reflects that era, with over 300 songs recorded. ... more

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